Taking a UAV Control Station to the Next Level

QGroundControl provides full flight control and mission planning for any MAVLink enabled drone and configuration for ArduPilot or PX4 Pro powered vehicles. Its primary goal is ease of use for first time and professional users and is open source software.


Works with all vehicle types supported by PX4 Pro and ArduPilot (multi-rotor, fixed-wing, VTOL, etc.)


QGC runs on Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and Android


Supports multiple autopilots: PX4 Pro, ArduPilot or any vehicle that communicates using the MAVLink protocol


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Announcing the release of QGroundControl 3.0

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QGC version 3.0 is now available for public release. You can use the download links on this site to install. Also the new user guide is now available.